An initial evaluation is conducted in order to best determine how Cyzner Institute can help your child. The first step is a meeting at Cyzner for a tour or have a phone conference with our Director and/or Parent Liaison and Clinical Director/BCBA. During this conference, we listen to your concerns about your child and share with you information about our school and services. Families are welcome to take a tour of our facility and to observe our programs. If it is determined through these initial steps that Cyzner Institute can help, we then schedule an appointment for our Parent Liaison and/or Clinical Director/BCBA to work individually with your child and begin development of a customized instructional program.

As part of the evaluation process, we determine your child's current skills in key areas of development (age-dependent):

  • Essential Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Organizing and Integrating the Senses for Use
  • Language Skills
  • Regulating Behavior
  • Pre-academic and Academic Skills

More information regarding evaluations and areas tested are included in our admissions packet. We encourage families to provide us with any evaluation reports completed by other professionals working with the child in order to get a full picture of needs. If your child has attended or will attend a preschool or elementary school in addition to our program, our Director, Clinical Director/ BCBCA, or teacher at Cyzner Institute may also communicate with school staff to gather more information. Written permission is required for the release of any information.


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