Our Staff

The Cyzner Institute staff and expertise spans a variety of disciplines including Education, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language therapy, and Music therapy. Our teachers have certifications and/or degrees (including Bachelor's and/or Master's degree levels) primarily in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Special Education. Some of our teachers also have received degrees in Psychology as well as Child and Family Studies. Additionally, others have certifications in developmental disabilities and advanced coursework and training in specific interventions such as the Orton-Gillingham approach for reading. Many of our teachers and teaching assistants have received significant training resulting in years of experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis and have continued their learning regarding this intervention while at the Institute.

In order to provide a true therapeutic educational experience, the Administration of the Cyzner Institute works to ensure that the staff, regardless of background, participate in a variety of Continuing Education (CE) experiences. Teachers, teaching assistants, and therapists receive essential training in behavior-based and sensory-based strategies. Each summer, an intensive teacher training is conducted, and throughout the year, teacher workdays are built into the schedule to provide other training experiences as well as time for the staff to work in collaborative teams. Throughout the school year, teachers meet regularly with the Director and Director of Educational Affairs to review student programs, and the Director and Director of Educational Affairs both spend significant time in the classrooms as well.

It is essential that all of our staff understand the importance of relationship-based interventions. A successful developmental and educational program cultivates positive relationships that foster a sense of trust between students and their teachers and therapists. To be able to individualize learning is an art, and it is our hope that we instill a sense of support and confidence in all of our staff to provide this for our student population to the best of their ability.

Our Lead Staff includes:

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